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Teaching medicine is a medical training platform for healthcare professionals to learn reasoning skills for diagnosing by constant practicing.

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Web design

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The ability to translate medical data into an actionable treatment plan is paramount to every clinician. Both speed and accuracy are critical here.

With this in mind, we delivered a completely new design of the learning experience that allows doctors to train online in a simple and engaging way.

"The responsiveness to feedback, the quality of their work, ability to clearly communicate what will be best for project, ability to work as a team, and a very friendly team to work with. Was very enjoyable. Very professional. Everything was transparent and honest."

Jason Waechter
founder, Teaching Medicine

The need
to split


Having two app audiences, our goal was to cover the needs of both seasoned instructors and learners. At the same time, we had to remain user-friendly and accessible.

Tests in TM mobile app
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Complex to simple


We focused on turning complicated workflows into an impressively simple learning experience. Our approach here is an easier navigation, clear in-app communications and plain UI.

TM mobile dashboard
TM practices for web

Easy-taught, easy-learnt


Theory tutorials, interactive tests, feedback from instructors and performance tracking  - everything designed to facilitate the learning sessions and thus keep the users engaged.

Progress tracker on mobile
Efficiency tracker on mobile



When refreshing the brand, we aimed to create styles that resonate with clinicians. From the brand logo to company's tone of voice to illustrations, we took over everything to improve brand presence both digitally and offline.

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TM offline marketing
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Medical education app features
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Brand assets TM
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Branding for TM offline presence

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