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In a world of unlimited possibilities, experience is a key. The global labor market is growing, and top-quality employees are in high demand. To succeed and stand out, every professional has to continually upgrade one’s skills, learn new things and practise harder. Meet Diprella, an education platform that makes it easy for professionals to learn from each other, improve their knowledge, and get valuable feedback.




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Today there are plenty of platforms offering online courses and professional development on the market. But there is no online platform in Ukraine that can provide practitioners in different domains with the tools allowing them to share their knowledge, keep track of their teaching process, and connect with the student all over the country. Facing this problem as a lecturer, Diprella’s founder and CEO Ivan was passionate about finding a solution.

The question was how Diprella could cover all the needs of both students and lecturers and at the same time, remain user-friendly and accessible. Our team got an answer.

Our Solution

Our primary task was to transform idea into a tangible product. To come up with a unique value proposition and actionable plan, Selecto team dived into the education field. We conducted market and user research, created user journeys, a map of stakeholders, tested our assumptions, and applied design-thinking approaches. Those insights gave us an image of how the end product should feel and look like.

Domain research

Design &Branding


Our team focused attention on the functionality for the communication between the platform users, different types of lecturing, and styles of learning. The option that any other similar education platform has is a calendar where each student can book a meeting with their lecturer. It makes the learning more personalized, thus more dynamic and productive, as students can connect with their lecturers and peers, get immediate feedback, and learn faster.

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Students can choose the most convenient format of learning. They have access to a dashboard with a wide range of tools, including chat, file exchange button, etc.


Educators can keep an eye on the progress of their class, get analytics on how their students perform, and based on that, adjust the teaching methods.

Ivan, CEO and Founder of Diprella

“The partnership with Selecto was a fascinating journey for me. Nothing pleases you more than to see how people believe in your idea and make everything possible to bring it to life. I couldn't ask for a better team to work on Diprella. Selecto team is a bunch of real professionals and out-of-the-box thinkers.”


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