Image Recognition App for Blind
and Visually Impaired People


Have you ever tried to keep your eyes closed just for an hour and do your daily routines? Very often we take for granted what we have and forget that there are people who experience the world differently. Their life is full of newness for us, but at the same time, it presents limitless chances for leveraging the power of technology and making all the opportunities of this world accessible for everyone. More than 250 mln people live with vision impairment globally. But today, technologies allow us to go beyond our 5 senses. They empower humans to make the most out of their lives despite any physical disabilities. Selecto helped to improve the Image Recognition App for the blind and visually impaired people.




IOS, Android




Selecto’s mission was not only to design a landing page for the app, make it accessible, clear, and visually appealing but to add to the existing mobile app possibility to recognize a 10 sec video.To develop the tool that addresses both the physical and psychological needs of users, our team spent a sheer amount of time on the customer interviews, testing, prototyping and coding. In our work, we always stick to the Design Thinking framework and go through all 5 stages of the process to get valuable insights from the customers.

Our Solution

Selecto gathered the first-hand knowledge from users, experts, and founders. Research and prototyping resulted in the advanced feature that opens up new possibilities for blind people allowing them to explore the world and enjoy the things they love. The Mobile App utilizes phone camera and VoiceOver to take photos of the object and identify them for the users. And now we implemented an additional but still crucial feature - video recognition.


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