Memorable 2019. Selecto Year Review

This year was full of significant actions, events  and achievements. We have lots of news, and if we write everything it will be a long text, but nobody likes one. So, we decided to share only the main things which were valuable and useful in 2019.

Corporate social responsibility

A half year ago Selecto and Diprella had an idea to create a series of events which will help to grow, get acquainted with people and do a good cause. This is how our meetups Selectory appeared: 10 speakers, over 200 participants and 5 dreams.

We’ve raised funds for On3Wheels the Foundation for Dreams which helped 5 people with disabilities to rise at the top of mountains for the first time. We are delighted that our meetups did such an incredible thing.

Selecto team became more eco and started sorting garbage in our office with the help of Green Box. We try to care about the environment in small steps.

'St. Nicholas will not forget about you' is taking place every year. It is an annual charity event which collects and distributes gifts for children who could be left without our or their parents' attention. So, our team is also taken part on this occasion.

Accomplishments and activities

We received new feedback from our clients, and our team was recognized as Top-rated UI/UX agency on Clutch. It is known for its accurate analysis and strict criteria which makes us even more proud to be highlighted among the best.

Moreover, we hit the top-rated design agency on Dribbble. Our designer's team loves overcoming challenges. And for broadens horizons, they decided to work on Bali for 2 months. All details about such experience we will write in the other article subsequently.

We have launched our new website and blog. You can find all Selecto news and insights in one place. Take a look at it from time to time, because we are updating all info constantly.

Design team lead Andy Lurs shared his knowledge on the design meetup. Among the speakers were experts from Fjord, Apollo design centre etc. It was great to exchange our experience. It helps to feel the heartbeat of design.

Not only speaking, but we also had the publication in ITID magazine about the big design theory. Here are some phrases by Andy Lurs from the article.

‘The key is to balance aesthetics and usability.’

‘Every challenging task is the opportunity to be helpful, creative and extraordinary.’

‘We build more than a connection; we build empathy.’

New directions and client’s success

We are always pleased with the success of our customers. We were thrilled to hear that one of our client’s product hit on the top 3 among all products on the Product Hunt. Furthermore, we created a unique product which is going to attract partners which you use in travelling. All the details we will describe soon.

We have launched 6 products, and 89.3% of their customers are satisfied with the versions that are already working. Among the existing industries - education, healthcare, fitness, social, real estate, blockchain, business automation, and logistic was added to this list.

Our CEO Yuriy Mamonchuk summed up:

'We created a new working concept with clients at Selecto. It helps us quickly and at a high level to develop strategy, delve into the client's business and launch a product which will stand out and grow successfully. Our team took new challenges which hadn’t solutions on the market before, and for us, it was a point for growing and forming our unique expertise in it.'

Sharing is caring

Bright moments of our work, entertainment and creative ideas have been traditionally shared with our followers on Instagram, Dribbble, Facebook and LinkedIn. And, as usual, we love sharing our thoughts and tips through Medium and Quora.

What’s next?

It is always a good idea to reflect on the past year and make plans for the next one. We are planning to implement even more ideas, share experience, develop ourselves, work together with our clients on creating products that will stand out.

So, we're ready for more robust 2020! Fasten your seatbelt, our flight to new heights will begin soon. Are you in?

There is lots of information about trends out there. And usually, the different points contradict one another. So we decided to highlight the main things which are going to create magic in design in the upcoming year.

Illustration is Evergreen Trend

So, which illustration do you need to use to be trendy? And which would not make a significant change in the design of your idea?

It still would be nice to use isometric and simplified drawings because they would be the fastest way to visualize your idea. If you wish to stand out, take the courage to add unusual elements to your design. In simple terms, add a rich range of shapes, colors, textures, and heroes.

What about realistic, 3D, and surrealistic abstract formats, though? They will make your product noticeable. One more tendency that may be here to stay is monochrome or color filtered images.Of course, we are not inventing the wheel - all beneficial approaches already exist, and they are constantly changing each other. It is a great idea to connect your typical style with something new. Why do we suggest combining the old with the new? Because we don't want to scare your users. As an example, the mixture of vintage style in illustration (it is not a novelty) with futuristic concepts (it is a fresh design) can upgrade your digital product in 2020 while still feeling comfortable for your end-users.

Gradients are everywhere. They are becoming one of the hottest UI/UX design trends. The most popular technics of gradients are flat, low contrast, textured design.Choosing colors is tricky. Some trends focus on the bold, bright, and vibrant palette. Yet, color experts advise us to avoid overuse of such tones because it can feel aggressive and often even uncomfortable to our eyes. Vivid colors can be a great tool. But like almost anything else, they are best applied in balance with muted tones. This same story is true of the monochrome palette.Pantone Trend Colors next year will be Lush Lava, Aqua Menthe, and Phantom Blue. Mother Nature’s palette is supposed to dominate in interfaces design because one of human needs is to be surrounded by nature.

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